It is said in Tbilisi that if many share the same dream, it has the potential to become a reality.

Today, Georgia stands at the doorway of that achievable ‘dream’ in that it seems clear tangible change is on the way. Such change is brought to us by Bidzina Ivanishvili and his newfound ‘Georgian Dream Movement’.

It’s been brought about to bring the one thing that has hindered the political landscape from being competitive. Resources have allowed a President, who many view as having visions of Putinism dancing in his head, to assume that the upcoming elections were his to landslide. And therefore it is resource that the Georgian Dream provides to facilitate free and fair elections, to assist two leading opposition parties in order to effectively compete – giving them the ball and asking them to run.

Many believe that the United National Movement (UNM) has lost touch with reality starting from the end of the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. That monopolization from the ruling party in every major financial sector has hindered foreign investment, which in turn trickles down to hinder quality of life.

Those who wish to join the movement online risk heavy consequences – most of the fans of the movement are avatars. But what is particularly ‘moving’ is that these avatars ‘add’ each other, chat, share and begin healthy debate as to where Georgia’s political priorities truly lie.

Irakli Alasania, chairman of the Free Democrats party and former Georgian Ambassador to the UN, believes that no President should seek office after two terms and believes the time is now to put a focus on economic reinvigoration, agriculture, territorial integrity through diplomacy and fostering the talent in Georgia to build a new shared future. The Georgian Dream is helping make these ideas a reality through the opportunity for parties like Alasania’s to compete. For if a dream is shared, from business to business, voter to voter, it could very well become a free and fair reality.




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