womenPresident Kibaki, speaking Tuesday at Kenyatta International Conference Centre when he officially launched the Women Enterprise Fund, stated the Kenyan government intends to allocate more resources for onward lending to women.

In this regard an additional 500 million shillings will be allocated in the coming financial year, to boost the Women Enterprise Fund,” he said.

This is one of the first major steps taken by the African country towards addressing the rights of women, following decades of political and social mishandling. Its a step implemented by reaction, implemented in response to the strong voices of a faction of the Kenyan community no longer willing to sit idly by and let their abuse of rights hinder their nation’s progression in to a new geopolitical landscape.

From sex strikes to the battering of men by their spouses,  the Women’s Development Organisation, Kenya’s largest and oldest group dedicated to women’s rights, have hoped boycott and action would persuade men to change their nation for the better, decrease political risk by furthering the pressure for a more stable government. 

Many believe the recent decrease in political risk which may have stemmed from the actions of Kenya’s female citizenry has much to do with Banks in Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy, boosting earnings. 

“Airing Kenyan men’s dirty linen on an international stage may have been inappropriate but some sort of ‘collective responsibility for what some do in the name of an identity that includes many’ is necessary“, Wandia Njoya argues. “Concerns with ‘personal righteousness’ are largely irrelevant when talking about ‘structuralised oppression. Men who believe they treat women responsibly and humanely must tell their brothers and teach their sons to do the same.”

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